Tree planting - why do we plant trees?

Everyone knows that trees are important to us. These are important assets for the protection of the environment and our health. But why are trees so important, and why should we absolutely plant more trees again?

Trees and our air

Trees produce oxygen. We humans and many animals are dependent on breathing in the oxygen from the air. This is exactly what the trees take care of, because during their photosynthesis they filter the carbon out of the air and thereby produce the all-important oxygen. The carbon that trees filter out of the air is stored in their wood for a very long time and this excess is filtered out of the air we breathe.

Trees as a filter

But not only that, in addition to carbon, the trees also filter many other pollutants from the air and ensure that we have clean and fresh air available. This also applies to the water. Trees filter many pollutants from our groundwater and ensure that a significantly better and vital quality is available to us.

Trees as a habitat

Trees play an equally important role for the entire ecosystem, because they provide habitat for numerous animals and insects. Without this, the whole system becomes unbalanced and conditional problems can arise.

Trees as protection

Trees also do many other things. They offer shade and relaxation on hot days or in hot months and above all they strengthen the ground and can provide stability, especially in the event of floods or landslides.

People use the wood of trees for numerous things. Furniture and paper are made from wood, and our houses and other buildings are also made from wood. This is exactly where our responsibility lies, we control ourselves in the trees and thus create an imbalance that can cause major problems very quickly. That is exactly what we are already feeling. It is therefore our duty to compensate for this and to plant as many trees as possible in order to make the damage we have already caused reasonably good and in no case to increase it.

What have we achieved so far and what are our goals?

On the way to achieve just that and to ensure that the balance IS restored, we have already planted 1000 trees all over the world and we are far from the end here.

In the next few years we have set ourselves the goal of turning the 1,000 trees that have already been planted into 1,000,000 newly planted trees. This is how we want to make our contribution to nature.

Where do we plant trees?

Trees are needed all over the world and therefore we plant them everywhere. However, there are areas in which it is particularly important to create new trees and forests as a result of deforestation.

- The loss of forests leads to more and more deforestation and other causes are responsible for it. In 2017 alone, the world's forest area will decrease by 29.4 million hectares.

- Areas of the tropical forests and especially the rainforest in Brazil are particularly affected. It is important to intervene quickly.