The idea

The idea for KOFFI arose in a small group - friends quickly realized that they wanted to help turn the idea into reality.

The first tree

Together with our partner, we planted our first tree in 2020. A moving moment for the entire team.

Other partners

Other partners help us to reach our goal even faster. A climate-neutral webshop - the first climate protection campaigns in the company and much more.

KOFFI is more than just a brand!
With KOFFI we carry our conviction into the world and you onto the street!

The people who wear our clothes are at least as important to us as those who make them. That's why we only produce under the fairest working conditions and in countries where we know we don't have to worry about upholding our principles.
Likewise, only the most sustainable materials are used in the production of our products. Through timeless design we can promise you that in 10 years you will still like our products as much as you do today.

We are committed to giving our community the opportunity to give back to nature through our brand and to work towards a green future for themselves.

Are you willing to join us on this journey?

For our project, we have partnered with two wonderful non-profit (501c) organizations that support sustainable and social projects around the world:

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a Canadian 501c non-profit organization that works on reforestation projects around the world where it is most needed.
Why plant trees, isn't that what everyone does?
That may be, we find it very nice to see how many beautiful brands and companies are now committed to environmental protection and set signs in their communities for a green future.

One Tree Planted has been involved in reforestation projects worldwide since 2014 and has already planted over 7 million trees. We are happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the reforestation of our planet through our partner One Tree Planted.
Thus, every product sold by KOFFI plants a tree, which we donate to One Tree Planted at the end of each month.
Our goal is to have planted 1 million trees ourselves by 2030!

1% For The Planet

We know that planting trees is not enough to make our world a better place in the long run. So we have decided to donate 1% of our annual sales to 1% For The Planet in the future.

1% For The Planet was created for a very simple reason: As companies profit from resources on our planet, they should also give something back to it.
Founded in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia), it quickly became a worldwide movement.

We are proud to be a partner of 1% For The Planet and to be able to support projects in the areas of biodiversity, fight against hunger, renewable energy and other social projects.