What sets us apart

Plant a seed for our planet - a clear mission statement:

„Wir wollen gemeinsam mit unserenKunden der Natur zurückgeben, was wir Menschen nehmen, indem wir fair undnachhaltig produzieren und für jedes verkaufte Produkt einen Baum pflanzen.“

- Joseph und Philippe Koffi-Gue,Gründer von Koffi-Company

who are we

... a young and motivated team from southern Germany who have made it their goal to take the initiative with sustainable fashion and sports equipment - against the exploitation of our planet and the people who live on it. We create a social and ecological balance by producing fairly and planting a tree with our partner “One tree planted” for every product sold. With our brand we want to make such a statement and inspire others to accompany us on the way to a sustainable future.

2030 climate target

1 million trees planted

Our Partners

Our team

Philippe Koffi-Gue

Co-Founder | Marketing & Development

Joseph Koffi-Gue

Co-Founder | Produkt Management & Design

Justin Rudd

Social Media & Content

Robin Kachfi

Visual Content & Creative Production

Anton Willimsky


The idea for Koffi came up in 2018

“We were shocked to see how the forests, in which we loved to play as children, disappeared before our eyes. Together with sponsors, we tried to establish sustainability in our scene. But that didn't go far enough for us. We decided there had to be something special! "

- Joseph and Philippe Koffi-Gue, founders of Koffi Company (2019)

Our story

Together with friends, the brothers wanted to make a contribution to climate protection in their community. As freelancers and ambassadors, they tried to get their sponsors on board. The backing for the two skaters was tremendous, but the steps of the already existing brands did not go far enough for them, they decided: something of their own was needed!

Own products, sustainably and fairly produced. They were supposed to be new and innovative, and a dedicated team was quickly formed. All of them wanted to turn their passion into a profession, not just their hobby. This is how the idea for Koffi-Company arose in 2018, a brand that is rethinking fashion and skating. Who sees no contradiction between sustainable and modern. Who wants to win their customers as partners in order to jointly inspire a sustainable Lyfestyle.

Von der Natur inspiriert

Wir möchten der Natur zurückgeben was wir ihr nehmen. Daher achten wir
auf die Verwendung nachhaltiger Materialien und pflanzen für jeden
Verkauf einen Baum.

Unsere Ethik

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