Unsere Ethik

Werte werden bei uns groß geschrieben

Our ethics

Not only the use of ethically valuable materials but also the promotion of social values ​​are important to us. For us, the following values ​​apply above all: responsibility, transparency, community, fairness and respect

Everyone should have the opportunity to be a world saver, big or small - and at KOFFI, every customer becomes an environmental protector just by making a purchase.


We take responsibility for our actions. This is how we want to create a better tomorrow


We are convinced that change must be understandable


A community only works if everyone is willing to take on responsibility


Justice is an important core value. It's about the principle of equality: It is fair if we treat people as equally as possible


For a harmonious life on our earth we have to learn to respect them. Big things often start with small things.